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Case studies


In store promotional activities

When should stores organize in store promotions? It depends when there are the most visitors. APP portal enables managers to predict the exact day and hour for promotion to be most effective. There is no point in spending valuable human and financial resources for events that are poorly visited!


Number of salespersons

Too many salespersons on the floor brings unnecessary expenses, too few will result in lost sales. APP portal enables managers to calculate just the right number of salesperson to optimize their business.



Sales figures only tell half of story, when it comes to advertising. APP portal enables marketing department to closely monitor the impact of advertising. Increased number of visitors is usually the first indicator that advertising campaign has been successful. Additionally, real time result tracking, gives the managers opportunity to quickly modify the campaign, if the result is below expectations.


Business hours

Does it make sense to open or close an hour early? APP portal enables managers to compare the estimate of “lost” sales with additional expenses of having store open.


Outside factors

The weather could have huge influence on the number of customers. APP portal automatically records local weather conditions and allows managers to look at historical visitor figures to determine how future weather conditions will affect their business.